Michigan Departmental Directory

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
Tim Boring, Director, 517-242-5865, BoringT1@michigan.gov
Department of Attorney General
Dana Nessel, Attorney General, 517-335-7622, miag@michigan.gov
Department of Civil Rights
John Johnson, Director, 313-456-0450, JohnsonJ154@michigan.gov
Department of Corrections
Heidi Washington, Director, 517-335-2243, washingtonm6@michigan.gov
Department of Education
Michael Rice, Superintendent of Public Instruction, 517-241-0494, RiceM6@michigan.gov
Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy
Aaron Keatley, Acting Director
Department of Health and Human Services
Elizabeth Hertel, Director, 517-373-3626, HertelE@michigan.gov
Department of Insurance and Financial Services
Anita Fox, Director, 517-284-8658, FoxA5@michigan.gov
Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity
Susan Corbin, Director, 517-241-6712, LEO-DirectorOffice@Michigan.gov
Barton Pickelman, Director, MIOSHA, 517-284-7777, mioshainfo@michigan.gov
Quentin Messer, CEO, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, 517-241-1400, messerq@michigan.org
Julia Dale, Director, Unemployment Insurance Agency
Amy Hovey, Executive Director, Michigan State Housing Development Authority, 269-621-2803, HoveyA1@michigan.gov
Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Orlene Hawks, Director, 517-241-7124, HawksO@michigan.gov
Pat Gagliardi, Chair, Liquor Control Commission, 517-284-6310
Dan Scripps, Chair, Public Service Commission, 517-284-8060, ScrippsD1@michigan.gov
Brian Hanna, Executive Director, Cannabis Regulatory Agency, 517-388-9431, HannaB@michigan.gov
Department of Military And Veterans Affairs
Paul Rogers, Director, 517-481-8083, RogersP@michigan.gov
Adam Hollier, Director, Veterans Affairs Agency, 517-230-1058, HollierA1@michigan.gov
Department of Natural Resources
Shannon Lott, Acting Director, 517-243-3166, LottS1@michigan.gov
Department of State
Jocelyn Benson, Secretary of State, 517-335-2436, secretary@michigan.gov
Jonathan Brater, Elections Director, Bureau of Elections, 517-599-5723, BraterJ@michigan.gov
Department of State Police
Joe Gasper, Director, 517-284-3219, GasperJ@michigan.gov
Department of Technology, Management and Budget
Michelle Lange, Director, 517-241-5547, langem3@michigan.gov
Liza Estlund Olson, State Employer, Office of the State Employer, 517-335-6783, EstlundOlsonL@michigan.gov
Chris Harkins, Director, State Budget Office, 517-241-0183, harkinsc2@michigan.gov
John Gnodtke, State Personnel Director, Civil Service Commission, 517-284-0115, gnodtkej@michigan.gov
Department of Transportation
Brad Wieferich, Director, 517-335-1645, WieferichB@michigan.gov
Department of Treasury
Rachael Eubanks, Treasurer, 517-373-3223, EubanksR@michigan.gov
Brian Neill, Lottery Commission, Lottery Bureau, 517-335-5608
Henry Williams, Executive Director, Gaming Control Board, 313-456-0232, williamsh8@michigan.gov
Executive Office
Director Vacant
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