What news topics do you cover?

Gongwer's focus is Michigan state government and politics, from the governor's office to the Legislature to state departments to the courts to elections.

What do I get if I subscribe to Gongwer?

You'll receive Michigan's leading source of news and information on state government and politics: the daily Michigan Report, the must-read news source about the day's events; activity reports of all bill activity in the Legislature; calendars with legislative, board/commission, fundraisers and other events; a daily list of links and headlines with news on Michigan government from other sources; and breaking news updates.

How do I add or change users on my organization's account?

Send the name and email address of your new users to gongwer@gongwer.com and we will make changes right away.

Where did the company get its name?

Charles Gongwer, an Ohio Statehouse reporter, founded the Gongwer Legislative Information Service in 1906. For more details, see our About page.

What new services do you have?

Gongwer is dedicated to product innovation, adding new tracking and alert features, providing tools to communicate with lawmakers and staff and offering the only interactive dedicated Capitol news report.

What bill tracking services do you have?

Get full details in the Gongwer Bill Tracking Guide

Can I redistribute a Gongwer article?

Contact Gongwer at gongwer@gongwer.com or 517-482-3500 for details and permission.

Can I get a trial before I subscribe?

Yes, you can sign up for a two-week trial on our Subscribe page.

How much does a subscription cost?

Contact Gongwer at gongwer@gongwer.com or 517-482-3500 for details.

Do you accept advertising?

Yes. Get details on our advertising specs page.

How do I post a job on the Capitol Jobs Marketplace?

Job posts for subscribers are free. Send the details to gongwer@gongwer.com. If you don't subscribe, contact us to find out about subscriptions or job posting rates.

How far back do your online archives go?

Gongwer's news reports are searchable to September 1993. Our elections database is searchable back to the 2002 election cycle. Legislation can be searched back to the 2001-02 legislative term. Directories are searchable to the 2003-04 legislative term.

Where is Gongwer based?

Gongwer's offices are in Lansing but our staff travels where it needs to get the news -- from Detroit to Grand Rapids to Flint to Mackinac Island and more.

How do I get a fundraiser or event posted on the Gongwer schedule?

Send details to info@gongwer.com.

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