2004 Candidates, Results and Ballot Proposals

Local Ballot Issues

November 8, 2022 Elections
All Issues: 56 Proposals
ISD Operating Millage Increases: 1 Proposal
Library Millage Renewals: 1 Proposal
Marijuana Business Proposals: 4 Proposals
Other Millage Increases: 9 Proposals
Other Millage Renewals: 3 Proposals
Parks and Recreation Millage Increases: 2 Proposals
Public Safety Millage Increases: 11 Proposals
Public Safety Millage Renewals: 4 Proposals
Road Millage Increases: 4 Proposals
Road Millage Renewals: 2 Proposals
School Bonds: 3 Proposals
School Operating Millage Renewals: 8 Proposals
Senior Services Millage Renewals: 1 Proposal
Sinking Fund Millage Increases: 3 Proposals

Election Coverage

U.S. House District 2
U.S. House District 7
U.S. House District 10
Michigan House District 12
Michigan House District 14
Michigan House District 102
University of Michigan Board of Regents
Michigan State University Board of Trustees
Wayne State University Board of Governors
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