2002 Candidates, Results and Ballot Proposals

Local Ballot Issues

November 8, 2022 Elections
All Issues: 56 Proposals
ISD Operating Millage Increases: 1 Proposal
Library Millage Renewals: 1 Proposal
Marijuana Business Proposals: 4 Proposals
Other Millage Increases: 9 Proposals
Other Millage Renewals: 3 Proposals
Parks and Recreation Millage Increases: 2 Proposals
Public Safety Millage Increases: 11 Proposals
Public Safety Millage Renewals: 4 Proposals
Road Millage Increases: 4 Proposals
Road Millage Renewals: 2 Proposals
School Bonds: 3 Proposals
School Operating Millage Renewals: 8 Proposals
Senior Services Millage Renewals: 1 Proposal
Sinking Fund Millage Increases: 3 Proposals

Election Coverage

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