Sen. Jeff Irwin

(D-Ann Arbor)
1 Terms
Senate District 18
5300 CBB
Official Website

Biographical Information

Home Address: 2542 Bellwood Ave, Ann Arbor, MI  48104
Born: in Petoskey
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Kathryn
Children: Sylvia, Mackinac
Education: BA, University of Michigan, Political Science (2000)
Employment/Military Record: Relevant work experience: Legislative Aide for Sen. Alma Wheeler Smith; Program Manager for the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund; Executive Director, Michigan League of Conservation Voters; Political Director, Michigan Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol
Governmental Leadership (Elected or Appointed):
Michigan Senate 18th District 2018
General Vote: 96,891 of 126,465 (76%)
Primary Vote: 19,875 of 55,779 (35%)
Campaign Finance Reports
Endorsements: Michigan Nurses Association, Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights, AFSCME Council 25, UAW (dual endorsement with Michelle Deatrick), Michigan AFL-CIO, Michigan Association for Justice, Sierra Club, American Federation of Teachers-Michigan, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan (general election)

Michigan House 53rd District 2014
General Vote: 21,004 of 25,508 (82%)
Primary Vote: 8,811 of 8,811 (100%)
Campaign Finance Reports
Endorsements: The Michigan League of Conservation Voters, Michigan Nurses Association, AFL-CIO, Michigan Townships Association Political Action Committee, American Federation of Teachers-Michigan, AFSCME Council 25, Michigan Bankers Association PAC

Michigan House 53rd District 2012
General Vote: 32,576 of 40,250 (80%)
Primary Vote: 5,542 of 6,267 (88%)
Campaign Finance Reports

Michigan House 53rd District 2010
General Vote: 23,436 of 29,128 (80%)
Primary Vote: 5,051 of 9,896 (51%)

Other Offices: Washtenaw County Commissioner, 1999-2010; State Representative (D-Ann Arbor), 2011-2016

Committee Assignments
Key Legislative Staff
Annie Somerville, Chief of Staff
Elio Stante, Communications Director
Erinn Williamson, District Director

Sponsored Legislation
income tax
Civil Rights
Voting Age
Departmental/Agency Audits
SB 58
SB 105
income tax
SB 168
unemployment benefits
SB 221
Date Designation
SB 231
Daylight Savings
SB 255
Housing Discrimination
SB 326
Wage Disparities
SB 347
Utility Shutoff
SB 352
Firearm Regulations
SB 357
Violence Prevention
SB 358
Pollution Prevention
SB 380
Special Education
SB 387
SB 445
PA 18
Unemployment Benefits
SB 482
Law Enforcement
SB 497
Sexual Conduct
SB 500
Medical Services
SB 505
SB 551
SB 558
Higher Education
SB 560
Vehicle Registration
SB 561
Vehicle Insurance
SB 591
SB 592
Fair Employment Practices
SB 599
Law Enforcement
SB 608
Election Laws
SB 619
Medical Marijuana
SB 631
Controlled Substances
SB 632
Consumer Goods
SB 634
School Disciplinary Proceedings
SB 649
SB 650
SB 651
SB 652
SB 667
Law Enforcement
SB 668
Law Enforcement
SB 669
Minor Confidential Informant
SB 670
Law Enforcement
SB 690
SB 699
Credit Card Processing Services
SB 705
Open Meetings
SB 716
Affordable Housing
SB 724
Gas and Oil
SB 725
Food Assistance Program
SB 750
Weatherization Assistance
SB 790
Income Tax Credit
SB 822
Natural Gas
SB 823
Air Pollution
SB 848
Juvenile Offenders
SB 886
School Curriculum
SB 907
Worker Freedom Act
SB 948
Unemployment Agency
SB 953
Music Therapists
SB 961
Product Liability
SB 987
Public Trust Resources
SB 988
Water Withdrawal
SB 989
Collection Practices
SB 998
Income Tax Credit
SB 1000
Income Tax Credit
SB 1008
Historic Barns
SB 1030
Public Employees/Officers
SB 1031
Governmental Immunity
SB 1033
Statute of Limitations
SB 1063
Youth Athletics
SB 1108
Marijuana Accessories
SB 1109
Vapor Products
SB 1110
Marijuana Paraphernalia
SB 1206
Guardians of Tribal Children
SB 1210
rehabilitation technology
SR 27
narcolepsy awareness day
SR 34
Month Designation
SR 157
Border Patrol
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