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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Gongwer Tri-Fold Directories Available For Ordering

Gongwer News Service is now accepting orders for its popular tri-fold Michigan Government Directory, a quick reference guide for state government, with information on the 102nd Legislature.

Printed on quality card stock, the directory contains rosters for the House and Senate along with phone numbers, partisan affiliation, hometowns, district numbers and office locations. In addition, there are rosters of the newly assigned committee members, the state's congressional delegation and department/agency directors with contact information.

Those ordering directories have the option of replacing the default Gongwer logo with their own logo as well as the names of key staff and contact information. Logos can be printed in color or black ink.

Some information for the directories is not yet final. We anticipate having directories ready for shipping or pick up in late February or early March.

To order directories, please fill out an order form and return it to Executive Editor and Publisher Zach Gorchow at zgorchow@gongwer.com.

Friday, January 13, 2023

Committee Rosters, Advocacy Tools, Legislative Staff Lists Updated

Gongwer News Service subscribers can now take advantage of a suite of tools with most committee assignments having been made for the 102nd Legislature.

Subscribers can find rosters for House committees, Senate committees and Joint committees that contain the names of members, with each name linking to that member's biographical page, the partisan split of the committee and a button to initiate tracking of the committee. Subscribers who track committees via the Gongwer platform will receive an alert via email and/or text message when the committee notices to meet.

These staff pages also can be accessed from Gongwer's Directories page.

When the House releases assignments for the Appropriations subcommittees, those will be added.

The committee roster pages also link to a page for each committee. There subscribers will find information on the committee clerk, the regular meeting day, time and room; photos of all committee members with links to their biographical pages, links to previous Gongwer coverage about the committee and a list of all bills assigned to each committee containing links to each bill's page as well as buttons to initiate tracking of the bill. When the Senate releases the regular time, day and room in which its committees will meet as well as the committee clerk for each committee, that information will be added.

Subscribers also will find a drop-down menu on the committee roster pages to access Committee Advocacy tools with Email and U.S. mail options to reach members of each committee with additional options to reach all members or just the members of one party. These services also can be found at the Advocacy Tools page.

Additionally, Gongwer has updated the House staff list and Senate staff list pages. There, subscribers with one click can find the names, titles and email addresses for each member of the House or Senate. Any staff members who have previously run for state or federal office going back to 2002 will link to their candidate biographical page for further information.

The staff members for each legislator also display on their individual biographical pages.

Gongwer updates these staff lists quarterly but if members make a change in staff and would like their roster updated they can contact Gongwer at info@gongwer.com.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Gongwer Introduces Article, Report Listening Feature

Gongwer News Service today announced the availability of a new feature that allows subscribers to listen to the Gongwer Michigan Report and individual articles.

To use the feature, just click on a Gongwer article or a daily report. Then click the Listen button and the content will begin to play. Users can pause and resume playback of the report and articles.

The voice that reads Gongwer content may vary by device and is determined by your browser.

The new feature follows the deployment of a number of other service enhancements over the last several months.

Gongwer subscribers who have ideas for other new features or services are encouraged to submit suggestions to info@gongwer.com or via a form on the Gongwer website.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Gongwer Expands Legislative Status Report Sharing Options

Gongwer News Service today announced the expansion of its bill status report sharing features, allowing subscribers to easily embed their reports in communications targeted toward members and associates.

The new feature allows users to customize the dimensions of embedded status reports, which automatically brings real-time content to websites, newsletters and other platforms.

For years, Gongwer subscribers have had the ability to include links to legislative status reports and custom committee schedules in their communications. This enhancement ensures that legislative information is displayed automatically whether a link is clicked or not.

Gongwer's website also allows subscribers to upload comments, positions and documents related to bills they are following.

Subscribers with ideas for additional service enhancements can submit suggestions via our suggestion page or to info@gongwer.com.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Gongwer Introduces Enhanced Advocacy Tools, Public Official Contacts

Gongwer News Service today announced a significant expansion of its Advocacy Tools service that helps subscribers target messages to elected officials, staff and candidates.

Available on the Gongwer website, the new service further improves subscribers' ability to communicate with lawmakers down to the committee caucus level. The enhancements announced today consolidate Gongwer's tools for contacting elected officials into one-easy-to-find place.

Under the enhanced service, subscribers can easily email all members of the Senate or House, all members of any committee or just members of a single party. With a single click, subscribers can also generate mail merge-ready Excel files for any desired collection of lawmakers.

Gongwer Advocacy Tools also allow direct communication with members of joint committees and legislative staff.

Further, the updated service allows easy communication with members of Michigan's executive branch and congressional delegation.

Subscribers interested in communicating directly with candidates in the 2022 general election can also develop email lists and mail merge files via Gongwer's election page. (Michigan House candidates, Michigan Senate candidates, U.S. House candidates)

Subscribers with ideas for additional service enhancements can submit suggestions via our suggestion page or to info@gongwer.com.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Gongwer Debuts New Candidate, Organization Endorsement Feature

Gongwer News Service today announced a new service that offers information on key organizations that endorse in Michigan elections and the candidates they are supporting.

Available as a drop-down on the Gongwer election page, the new service further enhances Gongwer's extensive and unmatched candidate information database.

Information on endorsing organizations is available through the new feature, as is the full list of candidates each group has supported.

Endorsement information appears on each candidate biography page on the Gongwer site, the full list of bios for all candidates and is also displayed on biography pages for officials who are elected.

Organizations that have endorsed for the 2022 general election but are not yet included on the Gongwer site are encouraged to send their endorsements to info@gongwer.com

Details about candidate endorsements can also be found on the 2022 Michigan Elections app (Download for iPhone/iPad, Download for Android).

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